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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rest In Peace-Original Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

I've made it no secret that I love Blue nail polish. So it was a few weeks ago that I was in Walmart strolling down the nail polish aisle and I spotted a beautiful cobalt blue nail polish.  While I have more than I will ever use, I had to at least take a closer look. What to my shock, the Sally Hansen bottle was labeled "Pacific Blue". Being the Blue nail polish connoisseur that I am, I said that had to be a "mis-label", but then I saw more than one bottle.  I put it back and resolved to load a picture to my phone so that the next time, there would be no doubt. Although I already knew the answer.  Anyway, today I found myself in Walmart again, this time armed with a picture of the much love, cult classic Sally Hansen Pacific Blue; and as I knew, there was a definite change in the polish.  Not to take anything away from this impostor, it is a beautiful blue, so I had no problem purchasing it to do a comparison. 

When I first saw the new version of Pacific Blue, the first thing I thought was this looks like China Glaze Frostbite, another favorite but not Pacific Blue.  So once I got home I quickly went through my stash and found several similar to the new version, two Sally Hansen already had in their inventory, so why "fix" what "ain't" broke?!  
Left to Right: China Glaze Frostbite, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (Original), Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (New), Sally Hanse Blueberry Blast, Sally Hansen CSM Blue My Mind 

Seen here are some wheel swatches to compare, not that we needed it. It is more than obvious from the bottle that they are different.  The formulation is also no comparison. The original Pacific Blue is almost a one-coater, whereas the new version as well as Blueberry Blast is very sheer; pictured here for the new Pacific Blue and Blueberry Blast is 3 coats. And of course, the original is a cream whereas the new is a shimmer. So again, while the new is pretty, I see no reason to remove the original Pacific Blue when Blueberry Blast and Blue My Mind already existed.  

So here's to our old friend, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, the original. You will always hold a special place in the hearts of nail polish enthusiasts. I see from my Instagram post and the others that have reposted and commented, like my follow enabler, Gianna at Nouveaucheap, the original Sally Hansen Pacific Blue is a much loved nail polish.
Side Note: like I did with the Orly issue, I will be emailing my Sally Hansen contacts to express our dissatisfaction.  I would ask that those that blog and also have contacts, please respectfully communicate our displeasure.  And for those that do not have a contact, I would suggest you visit the Sally Hansen website Contact Us page...again, I implore you to remain professional and respectful. I'm sure we will get further than if we were to go off half-cocked.  

Grace, Peace, Joy & Blessings.

* These products were purchased with my own money.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

FingerPaints Poolside Paradise Collection

Press Sample

June is the month of nail polish deals at Sally Beauty Supply so I wanted to share with you swatches of the latest FingerPaints collection. As you are aware, FingerPaints is exclusive to Sally Beauty.  FingerPaints are regular $5.29 but Sally Beauty Supply has them on sale this month for 2 for $8.00. 

"FingerPaints Poolside Paradise Collection is a LIMITED EDITION neon bright, high impact micro-metallic polish with supreme sparkle and shine! Have fun in the sun with this captivating nail color range in sun striking summer shades! Electric neon-like hues decorated with vivid glass pearl radiates in light for an eye catching effect and maximum shine. Nails so impactful, you’re sure to make a splash!"

Aloha Lei is a bright micro flakie orange with golden shimmer. This is 2 coats but for no visible nail, I would definitely go with at least 3 coats. An easy application.

Be My Baby is a raspberry pink duochrome metallic. This is 2 coats. 

Hula Arubal is a bright yellow micro flakie this is 2 coats. To get a fully opaque manicure, I would suggest 3-4 coats.

This blue-purple duochrome metallic is Surf's Up. Of course, its my favorite of the collection. No surprise there. 

This purple-blue duochrome metallic is 2 coats of Wild Bikini.  

Margarita Mambo is a bright golden green flakie. This is 3 coats but I would go for additional coats if you don't want any visible nail line.

This entire collection applied smoothly with no issues. The formulation wasn't too thick or runny.   Also, I experienced no staining.  There are three flakies and three metallics. Have fun! And don't miss out on the sale at Sally Beauty Supply. I have love the FingerPaints line of nail polishes for years, even before I started buying higher priced nail polishes.

Grace, Peace, Joy & Blessings.

* These products were provided by the representing PR firm. These however are my honest opinions. I am not employed by nor was I paid by this company.

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